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30 April 2014

Our political system is broken

It appears that the smell of alleged corruption is once again permeating through the halls of power. Recently in Canberra and now in NSW and it has been implied in the media in Victoria. Other States, from time to time, have also shared in the blame. Both sides of the political aisle have been implicated.

Add to this atrocious behaviour by our elected leaders, is the reality that both major parties will do anything and say anything to grab power and then hang onto it. Promise something to get into power then do the opposite, or arguably worse, pull out the secret agenda that underlines their particular world-view.

All of this in one of the supposedly most advanced democracies on earth.

Obviously something is broken.

Maybe we need a new model of leadership; a new model of accountability; and a new standard of honesty and service to its constituency.

Maybe, we the non-politicians, should band together as concerned constituents, in a national debate without politicians, to craft and define what we demand of our leaders. We do not want politicians telling us what is good for us. We need politicians that listen to the people and then make happen what we want. And we should hold them accountable for how well they give us what we want.

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