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29 April 2014

Enterprise Transformation success

The disciplines to Enterprise Transformation success vary depending on the context, time available, nature of the transformation and resources allocated.
However, if you apply all the appropriate processes and techniques, then success will look like the following:
  • Your project, new system, new business initiative, strategy or whatever the change outcome was will have been implemented effectively and successfully.
  • Your project, new system, new business initiative, strategy or whatever the change outcome was will have been implemented on time and on budget.
  • Your people will feel they know why the change was required.
  • The change will integrate effectively and efficiently with all parts of the organisation and stakeholder environments that it’s meant to.
  • All of your people will feel comfortable they were involved in the change journey and had plenty of opportunity to contribute and make any comments they felt were warranted.
  • There is a feeling of a shared common purpose and desire for the change to happen.
  • During the change program, everyone knew what they were meant to do.
  • Everybody will be skilled and trained in using the new processes, as well as all of the systems that were underpinning your change initiative.
  • Consequently people will feel supported, capable and comfortable in accepting the new processes and systems, as well as any other components of the change initiative. They will feel part of it all, as opposed to feeling like they are standing outside looking in.
  • There will be ample and adequate documentation and induction processes for new people who join your organisation. This will include information explaining what the change was all about and the benefits those changes delivered. Access to training material on the organisation’s Intranet (where available and practical) will be made easy and its use will also be easy and effective.
  • People will be experiencing a more effective way of doing their work: a better way, a more efficient way, a more meaningful way - with more accurate information available to them.
  • Risks were managed well.
  • There were no rogue issues.
  • Information about the change was readily available and accessible by all who needed it.
  • As a result of the change journey, your people will feel they contributed value. This will enhance their self-esteem, enhance their motivation, and will engender a more ‘respectful culture’ within the organisation.

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